The Foggy Morning

October 1st was a pretty cool morning. I get up early as usual, only today, instead of the usual morning vista, I see some dense fog in the distance, and clear blue sky above. One cool thing about Calgary is the big sky and number of sunny days per year, which in turn gives us a ton of impressive sunrises and sunsets.

I put Luna on a leash and off we go to check out the fog in the park. Sure enough, as was indeed my hope, the fog was nicely covering the open area.

I hoped to find even thicker fog, so I went towards the trees that line the pathway 400 meters away. As Luna and I walked on, the fog did get thicker. I was glad I decided to go for a walk this morning!

To make things even better a week later, one of the photos won a little prize in a workplace fall photo contest. Lesson of the day: go with the flow, like water! Or like fog?