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Skating on a longboard might not be the best hobby for life in Canada, where winters can take up about 5 months of the year, but it's as good as any other summer-time hobby. I first tried long-boarding in 2014, thinking it's “kind of like skateboarding, but without the tricks and the skate parks.” I did not know much about it, nor did I do much research prior to buying a board. The experience turned out lacklustre. I sold the board and filed the whole experience in the “not for me” folder.

Fast forward to 2021. Social life had taken a hit after the COVID lockdowns, and something like long-boarding around the city pathways seemed like a good idea. I figured it's as good a time as any to revisit this hobby. This time around, I did do more research and went into the hobby with a bit more knowledge. I had no plans to learn tricks or to go downhill like you see in many videos online. I always felt attracted to skateboards, but at the ripe age of 30-something, I don't want any injuries.


October 1st was a pretty cool morning. I get up early as usual, only today, instead of the usual morning vista, I see some dense fog in the distance, and clear blue sky above. One cool thing about Calgary is the big sky and number of sunny days per year, which in turn gives us a ton of impressive sunrises and sunsets.


Agricultural scenery east of Calgary, AB. Agricultural facility.


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